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Meilan bio is a high tech group integrating the production and research and development of biological products veterinary drugs feed additives antibodies and herbal medicine Our company can produce lyophilized embryotoxin live vaccines inactivated embryotoxin vaccines lyophilized live vaccines by cell suspension culture inactivated vaccines by cell suspension culture genetically engineered vaccines bacterial vaccines etc We have set up our own biological product research anddevelopment center Meilan Research Institute introduced a research and development team composed mainly of doctors and masters and built first rate infrastructure and experiment conditions a top notch animal experiment...

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Coli Infection in ChickenFlunixin Meglumine InjectionVaccine Factory Best QualityLow Price GMP Herbal ExtractHerbal and Vitamin for LayerChicken Growth Feed AdditiveCombined Vaccine for PoultryIBD Live Vaccine for PoultryCombined Vaccine for ChickenComplex Penicillin InjectionBest Quality Veterinary DrugND AI and FAV Killed VaccineVitamin for Promoting GrowthGMP Approved OxytetracyclineInfectious Bronchitis VaccineVeterinary Medicine Vitamin CNd Ib H9N2 Ibd Killed VaccineClassical Swine Fever VaccineOral Solution Herbal MedicineAnimals Solution DisinfectantPoultry Solution DisinfectantOxytetracycline 20% InjectionSalmonella Disease in ChickenUsed for Fever Pain in AnimalFactory Price Doxycycline HCLParasites Medicine for AnimalInjection Veterinary MedicineFat Increase for Cattle SheepFactory of Veterinary VaccineVitamin Minerals for ChickensLivestock Antiparasitics DrugCombined Nd Ib Eds Ai VaccineDuck Virus Hepatitis AntibodyProtect Liver and Gallbladder.Nd H9N2 Ibd Fav Killed VaccineVeterinary Medicine Vitamin K3Vitamin C WATER SOLUBLE POWDERProbiotic & Enzyme CombinationPoultry Premix Herbal MedicineFor Chicken Bacterial DiseasesPlant Extract Drug for LanimalAnimal ND Vaccine Live VaccineSuspension Veterinary MedicineNd And Flu Vaccine For PoultryVeterinary Medicine For AnimalND and FLU Vaccine for PoultryStrain La Sota and H52 VaccineVitamins for Layer and BroilerTreatment of Avian SalpingitisCompound Fenbendazole InjectionAntiparasitic Drugs for AnimalsInactivated Vaccine for PoultryControlling Chicken CoccidiosisCombined Poultry Killed VaccineVeterinary Medicine for PoultryPremix Feed Additive for GrowthAntiparasitic Drugs For AnimalsLiquid Multi Enzyme ConcentrateProcaine Penicillin G InjectionVeterinary Medicine Animal DrugHigh Fever Cannot Breathe CoughFamous Four Combination VaccineLow Price Best Quality with GMPInactivated Vaccine For PoultryCompound Vitamin AD3E InjectionGMP Approved Efficient MedicineHigh Quality ANTI COCCIDIA DrugCombined Nd Ib Ai Killed VaccineTreatment of Infectious DiseasesEfficient Anticoccidial MedicineDuck Plague Vaccine Live VaccineLivestock Premix Herbal MedicineLivestock Anticoccidial MedicineGMP Approved Veterinary MedicineInfectious Coryza Killed VaccinePremix for Livestock and PoultryKills Bacteria Viruses and FungiUsed for Nematode and Taeniasis.Kill Coccidia Injection MedicineLivestock Poultry Fever MastitisCombined Nd Ib Ai H9 Fav VaccineLower the Temperature for AnimalRespiratory Swollen Head SyndromeFav Group I Type 4 Killed VaccineChicken Newcastle Disease VaccinePlant Extract Medicine for AnimalVeterinary Medicine for LivestockVeterinary Medicine DimetridazoleOral Solution Veterinary MedicinePoultry Injection Herbal MedicineAntiparasitics Drug for LivestockLivestock Poultry Herbal MedicineNewcastle Disease Avian InfluenzaEffective for All Stages CoccidiaVitamin for Improving Egg QualityNd Ib H9N2 Ibd Fav Killed VaccineMedicine for Respiratory DiseasesMycoplasma Pasteurella InfectiousVeterinary Medicine for EnteritisAntibacterial Medicine for AnimalEnvironmental Disinfectant PowderInfectious Coryza Serotype VaccineMycoplasma Infection for LivestockLivestock Poultry Antivirus LiquidPromotes Blood Clotting for AnimalVeterinary Vaccine Chicken VaccineInfectious Bronchitis Live VaccineFertilizing Rate Hatchability RatePrevention of Infectious SerositisBroad Spectrum Anticoccidial DrugsClassical Swine Fever Live VaccinePromote Piglets and Poultry GrowthLivestock And Poultry DisinfectantAntiviral Herbal Medicine GranulesMycoplasma Gallisepticum InfectionGosling Plague Viral Yolk AntibodyAntifever Drug for Chicken and PigImprove Laying Performance in BirdsPox Vaccine Strain Quail AttenuatedLiver Protection And DetoxificationLow Price Best Quality GMP ApprovedGlandular Gastritis Type II DiseaseNewcastle Disease Influenza VaccineVeterinary Medicine For CoccidiosisInjection Medicine to Kill CoccidiaEnterotoxin Syndrome in Chicken PigSensitive to E. Coli and SalmonellaCOMPOUND SULFADIMETHOXINE INJECTIONGastrointestinal Infections PoultryVitamin C for Livestock and PoultryPneumonia Inflammation of the LungsLiver Protection and DetoxificationLivestock Injection Herbal MedicineTreat Mycoplasma Infections PoultryVitamin K3 for Livestock and PoultryMany Specifications Drugs for AnimalFour Combination Vaccine for ChickenOxytetracycline Injection for AnimalTraditional Chinese Drug Animal TypeAnticoccidial Medicine for LivestockKill Internal and External ParasitesEfficient and Low-toxic DisinfectantGMP Certificated Veterinary MedicineLivestock And Poultry Herbal MedicineThree Combination Vaccine for ChickenThree Combination Vaccine For ChickenE.coli Drug for Livestock and PoultryGMP Certificated Antibody for PoultryAmoxicillin for Livestock and PoultrySwine Dysentery Necrotizing EnteritisLiquid Vitamin PremixAnimal NutritionNutrition Medicine for Veterinary UseBroad-spectrum Antibiotics for AnimalInjection for Cattle Sheep Camel GoatPromote Development of Bones and TeethTreatment of Duck Infectious SerositisIncrease Immunity Treat Viral DiseasesCombined Nd Ib H9N2 Ibd Killed VaccineFenbendazole Plus Praziquantel TabletsDisinfectant for Livestock and PoultryFebrile Inflammatory Diseases MedicineGastro-intestinal Pulmonary InfectiousGMP Certificated Vaccine for InjectionCombined Nd Ib H9N2 Fav Killed VaccineMultivitamin for Livestock and PoultryDihydrostreptomycin Sulphate InjectionCombined Nd Ib Eds H9N2 Killed VaccineInfectious Pleura Pneumonia SalmonellaLong Acting Animal Veterinary MedicineFowl Pox Live Vaccine Quail AttenuatedLiquid Vitamin Premix-Animal NutritionDuck Virus Hepatitis Egg Yolk AntibodyAnalgesic Antipyretic Anti-inflammatoryRhinitis White Crown Blood Worm DiseaseNewcastle Disease Vaccine Strain LasotaDoxycycline HCL Injection for LivestockCombined Nd H9N2 Ibd Fav Killed VaccineAmino Acid Trace Elements Feed AdditiveCompound Vitamin B Injection for AnimalVaccine for Poultry Vaccine for ChickenVeterinary Medicine for Pig and ChickenVeterinary Medicine Veterinary Drug GMPChronic Respiratory Diseases of PoultrySulfadimethoxine Sodium and TrimethoprimRespiratory Disease Caused by MycoplasmaNewcastle Disease IB FLU Gumboro VaccineCoccidiosis in Chicken Duck Goose RabbitPreventing Chicken Tissue TrichomoniasisBacterial Diseases Mycoplasma InfectionsInfectious Bronchitis Vaccine for AnimalPlant Extracts for Livestock and PoultryLiquid Vitamin for Livestock and PoultryHigh Quality Low Toxicity DewormingdrugsLivestock Poultry Premix Herbal MedicineNematode Infections in Cattle Sheep GoatVaccine Partner Reduce Reaction MedicineToltrazuril and Diclazuril Oral SolutionHerbal Medicine for Livestock and PoultryDigestion Increase Appetite Cure NeuritisGastrointestinal Urinary Tract InfectionsAnimal-specific Broad-spectrum FungicidesMycoplasma Infection in Pigs and ChickensND Infectious Bronchitis H9N2 IBD VaccineNewcastle Disease Live Vaccine Strain HB1Preventing Chicken Hexaflagellate DiseaseMany Specifications Amoxicillin InjectionClosantel 12.5% & Ivermectin 2% InjectionAntipyretic Analgesic Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine Amoxicillin InjectionNewcastle Disease Avian Influenza VaccineRespiratory Diseases Caused by PasteurellaAntibiotic Veterinary Medicine for ChickenNecrotizing Enteritis Salpingitis MedicineCombined Nd Ib H9N2 Ibd Fav Killed VaccineEnterotoxic Syndrome Necrotizing EnteritisOrganic Zinc Selenium Copper Yeast ComplexHigh Quality Effective Veterinary MedicineAntivirus Liquid for Livestock and PoultryRickettsia Mycoplasma and Other InfectionsInflammatory Arthritis Mastitis RespiratoryInflammatory Medicine for Livestock PoultryRespiratory Tract Disorder Syndrome for PigPrevent Gram-positive and Negative BacteriaBroad Spectrum High Efficiency Low ToxicityMycoplasma Pneumonia Salmonella PasteurellaDuck Parvovirus Duck Tongue Disease AntibodyE. Coli Disease Salmonellosis PasteurellosisVeterinary Medicine for Livestock and PoultryCefquinome Sulfate For Duck Pigeon Sow PigletCough and Phlegm Anti-inflammatory Anti-virusAntibiotic Injection Forlivestock and PoultryInfectious Pleuropneumonia VeterinarymedicineLow Toxicity Premix Deworming Drugs MedicinesMany Specifications Oxytetracycline InjectionAnimal and Poultry Environmental DisinfectantMaintain Excitability of Nerve Fibers MusclesPleuropneumonia Mastitis Mycoplasma PneumoniaAnimal And Poultry Environmental DisinfectantInfectious by Gram Positive Negative BacteriaHerbal Extract Medicine for Livestock PoultryPasteurella Infection in Livestock and PoultryDisinfection Surgical and Medical Instruments.Respiratory Tract Digestive TractUrinary TractChicken Vaccine Poultry Vaccine Animal VaccineEscherichia Coli Typhoid Fever White DysenteryTreat Gram-negative Bacteria Positive BacteriaGMP Certificated Treatment of Cecal CoccidiosisGram Positive Bacteria and Mycoplasma InfectionPrevent Secondary Infection and Cross InfectionBacterial Diseases Caused by Sensitive BacteriaNewcastle Disease Infectious Bronchitis VaccineDisease Caused by Pasteurella Escherichia Coli.Newcastle Disease Flu Infectious Gumboro VaccineAntiparasitic Injection for Livestock and PoultryChicken Cholera Chicken Dysentery Colibacillosis.Ivermectin Injection with Different SpecificationsLivestock and Poultry Breeding Environment Disinfectant
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